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  • Why are Home Inspections Important?
    You have already put in a significant amount of time and money into the homebuying process, hiring a qualified inspector is a wise choice. It is important so that one can make a more accurate assessment of the property and understand where repairs need to be made, or if large problems exist. But a good home inspection is more than just that.
  • Home Inspections Will Help Ensure Safety
    Home inspections are also about your health and safety. There are many instances where a seemingly minor condition can lead to a health or safety risk. For example, a small water leak can result in mold or structural damage if not properly repaired or a window that lacks an opening control device can be hazardous to children. Radon gas, which is odorless and colorless, may be present at a high level. Since most properties are not new, there are opportunities for upgrading components for your safety. Even new construction presents opportunities for unsafe conditions that go unchecked during construction. Your inspector will point out areas where improvements can be made for your safety.
  • Home Inspections Can Save you Money
    Superior Home Inspections can help you avoid making a purchase that has major financial repercussions in the future. Many times, buyers can negotiate the purchase price, or have items repaired or replaced prior to occupancy, from the inspection report. Typically, these exceed the price of the home inspection! Knowing what maintenance or repairs are necessary can help you budget properly and make a wise financial choice.
  • How long does a home inspection take?
    Most home inspections take 3-4 hours. The time depends on the size and age of the home, and some other factors such as additional outbuildings if included in the inspection. I like to meet clients at the end to do a walkthrough and discuss the inspection and answer questions you may have. This generally takes 30-60 minutes.
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